Friday, April 14, 2017

The True Triumph of Working People Comes Only With Socialism! - Communist Comics

“Jesus Christ was a man who traveled through the land,
A hard-working man and brave.
He said to the rich, ‘Give your money to the poor,’
But they laid Jesus Christ in His grave.”—Woody Guthrie

But does wage-labour create any property for the labourer? Not a bit. It creates capital, i.e., that kind of property which exploits wage-labour, and which cannot increase except upon condition of begetting a new supply of wage-labour for fresh exploitation. Property, in its present form, is based on the antagonism of capital and wage labour. 

- Karl Marx & Frederick Engels

Illustrations by Rius from the illustrated Quixote Classic Communist Manifesto, 1975 (Their order has been rearranged from the original). 

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  1. Unless he retails the chairs himself, the boss won't get $300. Let's say the retail store makes $100. The boss gets $200, out of which he pays federal, provincial, municipal taxes, heat, light, power, maintenance for his workshop, salaries of the managers, HR people, advertising, etc etc. Is all Marxism this simplistic?