Links to all of the art pieces posted on The Left Chapter:

Art by Natalie Lochwin


No. 3

At Stalingrad


November Window


New Century

To Sleep


I Hate My Friends

49 Camp

Other People


A Very Weirdness 



Maoist Studies

Grunge Kitty


Sunny at the Café

The Family

BunBun & Beetle

Fetus at the Fair


Trick-or-Treating at Pumpkinhead's House

Vampire Nerd

Twilight Path

Found Art:


The Fourth Corner (featuring The End's Not Near by The New Year)

Still Water


The Road to Lake Minitaka

Found Art: Is This Where it Ends? (featuring Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap)

The Cardinal

Other Art Posts:

A Very Vintage Christmas & Holiday Greetings from The Left Chapter

Kids These Days - Comic Strip

Souvenir Folder of Thousand Islands N.Y. -- 1950 Style

I.A.T.S.E. Toronto union art show @ Gallery 1313 highlights member talent

From Revolution to Stalingrad to Space - Historical Sketches of the USSR for Young Adults

Pan Kotski, the Puss-o-Cat -- A Vintage Ukrainian Folk Tale

Mergen and His Friends: A Nanai Folk Tale - A Vintage Soviet Children's Fable

Strongest?: Teaching Children About the Power of the People - A Vintage Soviet Children's Story

In the Round 2016 @ Queen W. Toronto Gallery Graven Feather

Death of the Sun & other installations at Nathan Phillips Square

Sketches of the Soviet Union in the 70's: Anton Refregier -- Part II Ukraine, Latvia, Armenia, Turkmenia and Georgia

Sketches of the Soviet Union in the 70's: Anton Refregier -- Part I Moscow and Leningrad

The Art of Resistance: Sketches of the Vietnamese National Liberation Front 1964 - 1965 Part I

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